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How to RSS [1]
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5040 days ago

Those of you with a discerning eye have probably noticed a link that says “RSS feed” at the top right corner of the Philosophic Allies front page . Using this RSS feed link, you can be automatically notified whenever something new is added to this website. (Kind of like email, except better because it doesn’t clog your inbox and you don’t get spam) This way, you don’t have to manually visit us only to be disappointed to find that we didn’t write anything yet. It works as follows: you download and install one of the many awesome RSS readers available on the Internet, many of which are by the way, free.

You then subscribe to Philosophic Allies from the RSS reader. We also encourage you to subscribe to other blogs or websites you visit regularly. (look for the RSS or XML notice). You click on “Synchronize” and the RSS reader checks all the sites to see if there is anything new you haven’t read yet. This way, you can check all your favorite websites automatically without having to individually open them in a browser. That should save you some TIME and BANDWIDTH.

I personally recommend FEEDDEMON as an RSS reader, because of its well-designed, simple interface and speed. Some free alternatives are: RSSREADER , SHARPREADER and GUSH . You can also directly subscribe to RSS feed from Firefox.

For MAC OS users, I recommend NetNewsWire Lite