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This is the 3rd of a multi-part series of articles.
This third part will consist mainly of examples and tools.

link to E.L.W.1
link to E.L.W.2

Base Project
I recommend you use this base project as a starting point to your own project(s). I wrote it and use it all the time. Try it, and feel free to modify, send me some feedback. The base project essentially contains a configuration file (which you must edit), and my tried-and-tested database object & xhtml object

POG – PHP Object Generator
I wrote a PHP object generator which will create classes for you. Give it any number of attributes, and it will generate the appropriate class along with the following functions: Get, Save, SaveNew, Delete, GetList

Base project + POG = Nice Framework
I hope you can see now that if you combine POG and the Base Project , edit the configuration file, you essentially already have an elegant framework which you can use to build your web application.

Download the base project and inflate it onto your web server. Use POG to generate the classes you need. Save the classes in the classes folder in the base project. Reference the classes in index.php and use the objects however you want.

Base project + POG + other code = Elegant Web Application
The only thing you need now is use this framework to create your own elegant web application.