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Blue Ball Machine [1]
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4759 days ago

Have you seen the Blue Ball Machine ?

Book Engine Optimization [208]
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4763 days ago

This is probably one of the last thought that I’ll be posting on this site until we do the RELAUNCH of Philosophic Allies. If you haven’t heard about it yet, we’re relaunching this website before the end of the year with a few planned improvements:

1. We’re welcoming a 5th and final ally to the group, Oliver.
2. Redesign of the frontpage to accomodate the ally (Khan)
3. We’ll all talk about a common subject in each issue.
4. We all promise to write more often and if we don’t we’ll let you beat us with a stick.
5. And, a few other things I can’t recall right now.

Anyways, back to what I meant to talk about: There’s been a lot of noise recently about Google Print, the Open Content Alliance, and now Amazon getting into the mix by letting users buy pages instead of entire books. There’s virtually no sure way of predicting who’ll become the defacto search engine when it comes to searching printed material. However, Since Google introduced the Pagerank concept into the search engine arena, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seemed to have evolved from a “hobby” into an actual micro-economy where books, magazines, “consulting companies” and websites offer paid advice on how to get you on FIRST PAGE of google results.

But if there’s one thing I will predict, it’s that, however stupid this idea might be, there’ll be a Book Engine Optimization (BEO) economy growing out of this, where there’ll be companies claiming to be able to get YOUR book on the frontpage of Google/Amazon/Yahoo…for a mere $499 of course.

I wonder how many hits I’ll get from Google from people searching for ‘Book Engine Optimization’. Book Engine Optimization, Book Engine Optimization, Book Engine Optimization… There!.. that should make Philosophic Allies show up as number #1 for the keywords “Book Engine Optimization”...

E.L.W.3 [2]
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4818 days ago

This is the 3rd of a multi-part series of articles.
This third part will consist mainly of examples and tools.

link to E.L.W.1
link to E.L.W.2

Base Project
I recommend you use this base project as a starting point to your own project(s). I wrote it and use it all the time. Try it, and feel free to modify, send me some feedback. The base project essentially contains a configuration file (which you must edit), and my tried-and-tested database object & xhtml object

POG – PHP Object Generator
I wrote a PHP object generator which will create classes for you. Give it any number of attributes, and it will generate the appropriate class along with the following functions: Get, Save, SaveNew, Delete, GetList

Base project + POG = Nice Framework
I hope you can see now that if you combine POG and the Base Project , edit the configuration file, you essentially already have an elegant framework which you can use to build your web application.

Download the base project and inflate it onto your web server. Use POG to generate the classes you need. Save the classes in the classes folder in the base project. Reference the classes in index.php and use the objects however you want.

Base project + POG + other code = Elegant Web Application
The only thing you need now is use this framework to create your own elegant web application.

Generating Objects [8]
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4825 days ago

Php Objects, that is… not body parts

Far from being a prolific programmer, it took me months of wanting to create a Php code generator, before I gathered enough will-power and time to get something out the door.

Named Php Object Generator (POG), this mini web application generates tested Php objects that you can use in your own application. It’s still in BETA stage, which to me, means that it works 100% as far as I know, but there are things that I would like to add to make it more useful, like code examples, comments, a README, etc. Feel free to send me some feedback if you find it useful or if you don’t know how to use it, but are interested anyways. Enough about POG for now, I will let it speak for itself.

Back to the subject of prolificness, there are annoyingly talented people like this, whom I envy, because they seem be responsible for an abnormally high number of projects that I find interesting. (Flash Earth, Planetarium). Disgusting.

Post-it Fence [9]
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4855 days ago

At work, there are no cubicles, rather, there are big tables placed together. Officially, the word is that this particular table arrangement reflects the company’s culture, and promotes an open atmosphere which in turn, helps us code better and make awesome products. But we all know the real reason: to allow people like my colleague, Mark, to slowly, but steadily push his crap onto my desk when he runs out of space. (When I’m not watching)

After jokingly mentioning that I should build myself a wall so that his crap doesn’t “inadvertently” land on my desk, Mark lays back into his chair and gives me an evil laugh.

So, while he was away on holiday, I took some of his Post-it notes and built myself a fence, nothing fancy, just a little something to mark our boundaries.

After seeing the fence, Mark goes into a litany about about it’s because of people like me that there are things like the Berlin Wall and how walls do not solve anything. He then orders me to take pictures and to put them on my blog, to show everyone how mean I am to him. He even threatened to buy the domain MyMeanColleague.com to tell the world about the mean things I say or do to him.

The fence from my side. (Notice how my side is so much cleaner haha)

A top view of the fence.

Mark’s crap.. Yes, thats a shirt lying around on his desk!!

I plan on increasing the height of the wall by one post-it every month.

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4870 days ago

If you’ve done something bad and feel like telling the world, GROUPHUG is the best website for this. Just don’t ask me how I know this.

Common Consciousness
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4883 days ago

Blogs have brought us closer to the “Common Consciousness” concept. In the common consciousness world, people cannot get away with lies, murder, theft or anything because once someone figures out what you did, this knowledge propagates to other members of the social network – telepathically.

Okay, we’re not quite there yet, but here’s a famous example where a blog proved to be really useful. Sometimes, blogs can even help beyond the grave.

I personally think that blogs represent only the first step in the evolution of how people interact and how virtual social networks are formed. As blogs become more and more common and become easier to create, maintain and update (This is pure speculation, but I’m guessing it might be done in an automatic way, kind of like a human black-box), blogs will bring about a net improvement in how humans interact.

The reason why I’m writing all this is because, during several conversations with a good friend of mine, many times, he would ask me why I keep a blog. In fact, the whole blog phenomenon is very puzzling to him (although he’s a very technical person). It’s not the fact that people keep blogs that actually puzzles him, but the fact that most blogs actually have an audience, however small it might be.

So, I personally see today’s blogs as a starting point. Just like Pong marked the beginning of mainstream video games, today’s Blogger or Live Journal are starting points to a bigger social phenomenon to which we don’t have a good technological answer to as of yet: the drive towards Common Consciousness.

~~~~ untangle ~~~~ [1]
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4888 days ago

cable management system to untangle your wired world.

Ten Minutes After [1]
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4909 days ago

10 minutes after my last post, she calls.

I’m meeting her at the restaurant in 15 minutes
Me: Hello?
Her: Hi, do you have any money?
Me: Huh? no.
Her: Can you go get some and bring it, I don’t have any. Cash, not credit card.
Me: Ok.
Her: Hurry. (Click)
Me: ...

Conversation [7]
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4909 days ago

The girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 years now (I know), and one would expect that the conversations we have would
have dulled out by now but in doing so, one would be wrong. Because if anything, she is still as unpredictable, unreasonable and crazy as when we first met. Examples? I happily oblige:

She calls me because her computer is giving her an error.
Her: Hi, can you help me, I’m getting an error and I can’t print.
Me: Ok, what’s the error?
Her: I don’t know… something about something not being found.
Me: You have to tell me the error, or I can’t fix it.
Her: I just told you, something’s not being found, bla bla bla. Figure it out, you’re the computer genius.
Me: ...

The sky is getting cloudy:
Me: It’s gonna rain.
Her: Ewww.
Me: Rain’s good.
Her: I don’t like rain. When I was little and I walked back home, I had to avoid the worms because if I stepped on one of them, it would split into two and they would both chase me.
Me: Here we go again….
Her: It’s trueeeee.

I call her blondie, because, even though she’s not, she very much acts like one on most days.
Me: Hey blondie, look at this (pointing to my computer screen)
Her: I’m not blondie, I’m blindie.
Me: Huh?
Her: I don’t have my contacts, so I can’t see.
Me: Oh.

Somehow, we began discussing how she doesn’t think we have enough pictures of us.
Her: We should take more pictures.
Me: You don’t need pictures, I’ll remember what we do together and tell you.
Her: Ok, but I wish there was someone who follows us everywhere and takes pictures of us all the time, and plays music in the background…
Me: ....

Anyways, the reason for this post was to point people to MyMeanGirl, which I discovered a month or so ago, and which I find hilarious, so hilarious in fact that it inspired me to write what I just wrote. Just thought some other people might like it too.

PS: The girlfriend doesn’t really call me “a computer genius”, but since I’m writing this, I can say she does.