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Being Drunk! [13]
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5000 days ago

i decided to blog on something today!
well well
i decided to blog on why is it that peobple like to be drunk!
i, myself, am drunk right now. well not that dead drunk. but still, drunk (btw, when someone’s drunk, he/she never sees that he/she is drunk. so if i say i’m drunk right now, it must me that i’m not THAT drunk. (is it? or is that just an excuse :P ) )

so how is it to be drunk
y do so many ppl like to be drunk
i’m gonna talk by experience
waht im living thru, and wat i saw my friends go thru


when someone’s drunk, it’s like everything’s is possible. u can do WATEVER you want
u can shoiut ,and nobody’s gonna give a damn
u can run on the street like a kid, and, in ur world, nobody’s gonna care. and even if they do. well well well…. u don’t give a shit. coz it’s ur world after all. u do what YOU want to do!
and u do just htat!
what u want to do!

SO , for some ppl, this comes as, doing something that prevoiusly u wouldn’t dare to do!
in fact, when u’;re drunk. u don’t think of consequences. u just say and do what’s in u’re heart. and u just do it.
and that’s y u feel good abt it. coz u’re doing the thing that u want to do!
and i’d say that’s y ppl like to get drunk!
that’s y in many cultures, getting drunk, is such deeply engrossed in the culture.
so, when someone’s drunk, they’ll then say to their friends how much they appreciate them, or how much they hate them. they’ll just say what’s in their heart – wherein comes the sahying: “when someone’s drunk, he’ll spill out the truth”

and ppl feel good about this.
about saying wat they want to say
about doing wat they want to do

coz when u get drunk, u’re in ur own world. and the world is urs. do u care aoubt wat’s around you? hell not!
u just do wat u want to do

just like me. under normal circumstances, would i write abt something like this?
well…. maybe not.

but, i’m doing it now.
would i regret abt it? yes. maybe.

b ut i just wanted to blog this out – to talk about being drunk
coz there’s something which hits me here

y is it that ppl have to get drunk to feel that they can do wat they want to do
when u’er drunk, the world is urs . u do wat u want to do
and u don’t give a shit

and once u;jre “conscious” agian, well well, there’s all these stuffs which comes about.
oh, u can say this. coz if u say this, this and that’s gonna happen
or if u do this, this and that’s gonna happen

so, ppl prefer to get drunk

to do, say, things taht they want to do

– well maybe not evereybody, coz some are GROUPIES! they’ll get drunk, coz their friends are drinking. so they’ll drink as WELL! :)


when u’re drunk u FEEL RELAXED!

well well
wat a great escapism?
is their any stats as to how many ppl like to get drunk?
coz that number’s gonna give a hint as to how many ppl have to rely on FALSE ways of escapism.
on ways of doing, saying things that they want to do/say

to conclude

HAPPY DRINKING to all of you
enjoy ur life

u’re life of living like a jerk when u’re conscious – not doing/saying the things that you wnat to do/say. and getting drunk so as to do/say the things taht you nwat to do/say.

that’s wat life is all about, rite? :D
enjoy the FAKE world mates :D

sarcastically yours!

i better get some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep now. gotta work tml :D