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One of the wise sayings of our Times goes like this:

Knowledge is Power.

Yes indeed!

And at the same time it is sickening to realise how much of a lie is this…

Consider knowledge about the human dynamics. How would a person holding
a Phd in Psychology be rated? I believe that the person holding that
Phd would be considered as one who’s got great clarity on human
dynamics. How about another one holding Phd in Sociology, or for that
matter, any other super qualification in the domain of human dynamics?

Now, for you to get that kind of super qualification is no joke. You must be good at what you do! And I’ve got no doubt at all that all people
holding such kinds of super qualifications are indeed damn good at what
they do. They may definitely be in a position where they can explain in
great details about how people interact with each other, about how
groups interact, about how people deal with stress, about…. etc…
etc… etc….

No doubt at all that they would be damn good at explaining those.

Now the question is: are they good at handling their own life?

Any expert in the domain of human dynamics out there? Are you good at handling your own life?

experts in whichever fields, in this case human dynamics, definitely
have knowledge. In fact lots of it. But is knowledge all? Does
knowledge about something bring everything? Does clarity in something
solve everything?

Well, to put it simply: No

Knowledge without action is useless.

What’s the use of you knowing everything, and yet you fuck up your own damn life with petty little things?

What’s the use of you knowing how to solve problems and yet you can’t solve your own damn problems?!

What’s the use of you knowing all the skills to deliver a great speech, and yet you can’t speak properly to 1 person face-to-face?

What’s the use of you knowing the 7 habits of highly effective people and yet you can’t put that into practice into your own life?

What’s the use of you knowing how to write the perfect business
plan, how to effectively market a product, how to start a startup, and
yet, you can’t do a damn thing in the business that maybe you want to

I used to run after knowledge. Knowledge is all I used to seek.


My path changes.

Knowledge is not all I seek anymore.

Actions is what I add to that now.

And to have action, you need courage.

Knowledge with Courage is power.