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AssUMe [4]
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The more you give, the more you get... [8]
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4913 days ago

What is it that the more you give, the more you get?

Are we Human Beings? [3]
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4916 days ago

Human Being is a rather gratifying word by which we refer to ourselves.
In reality, we are really more of Human Becomings...

The difference is in the beingness...

Do you have dreams?
Do you want to achieve things in your life?
Do you want to do something in your life?
Do you desire something?

Most probably yes.

Now, what happens when you finally realise your dream? If your dream was to climb a hill, what happens when you eventually climb that hill? What do you do? Most likely, your dream evolves. You’ll now want to climb a mountain!
Ok, so now what happens when you climb that mountain?
The dream evolves again. You’ll now dream of climbing yet another mountain – a higher one this time around.
And this goes on and on…

This is just a simple example. Now, apply this to whatever you dream of in your life?
Wanna be rich, for instance? How rich? How much money?
Now, what happens when you eventually have that amount of money? Then what?
Ah… cool! Then you’ll most probably do the things that you’ve always wanted to do.

And this is precisely why I say we are more of Becomings rather than Beings. We live a life where we want to become this or that.
We want to become successful. We want to become something…
And when we finally are that something that we wanted to become, then there’s suddenly a void.
Remember the days when you had to study hard for your final exams. And while studying you kept on saying to yourself, ah…. when my exams is over I’m gonna do this, do that… Ah… if only I had some free time.
And guess what? When your exams are eventually over, what happens? What happens when you finally have the free time that you wanted?
The void...

We are always looking for something. The grass is always greener on the other side…

Are we satisfied by simply Being something?
Or do we prefer to engulf ourselves in a life where we are Becoming something?

I’ll quote something from the book, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. A crystal merchant is speaking of his dream – going to the Mecca. And he decided not to go. He explains why:

Because it’s the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive. That’s what helps me face these days that are all the same, these mute crystals on the shelves, and lunch and dinner at the same horrible cafe. I’m afraid that if my dream is realised, I’ll have no reason to go on living.

About Knowledge [1]
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4945 days ago

One of the wise sayings of our Times goes like this:

Knowledge is Power.

Yes indeed!

And at the same time it is sickening to realise how much of a lie is this…

Consider knowledge about the human dynamics. How would a person holding
a Phd in Psychology be rated? I believe that the person holding that
Phd would be considered as one who’s got great clarity on human
dynamics. How about another one holding Phd in Sociology, or for that
matter, any other super qualification in the domain of human dynamics?

Now, for you to get that kind of super qualification is no joke. You must be good at what you do! And I’ve got no doubt at all that all people
holding such kinds of super qualifications are indeed damn good at what
they do. They may definitely be in a position where they can explain in
great details about how people interact with each other, about how
groups interact, about how people deal with stress, about…. etc…
etc… etc….

No doubt at all that they would be damn good at explaining those.

Now the question is: are they good at handling their own life?

Any expert in the domain of human dynamics out there? Are you good at handling your own life?

experts in whichever fields, in this case human dynamics, definitely
have knowledge. In fact lots of it. But is knowledge all? Does
knowledge about something bring everything? Does clarity in something
solve everything?

Well, to put it simply: No

Knowledge without action is useless.

What’s the use of you knowing everything, and yet you fuck up your own damn life with petty little things?

What’s the use of you knowing how to solve problems and yet you can’t solve your own damn problems?!

What’s the use of you knowing all the skills to deliver a great speech, and yet you can’t speak properly to 1 person face-to-face?

What’s the use of you knowing the 7 habits of highly effective people and yet you can’t put that into practice into your own life?

What’s the use of you knowing how to write the perfect business
plan, how to effectively market a product, how to start a startup, and
yet, you can’t do a damn thing in the business that maybe you want to

I used to run after knowledge. Knowledge is all I used to seek.


My path changes.

Knowledge is not all I seek anymore.

Actions is what I add to that now.

And to have action, you need courage.

Knowledge with Courage is power.

Phenomenal Growth Rate! [2]
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4949 days ago

Was talking to my mum yesterday. We had an interesting conversation. Then she reminded me of the time when she was still a kid (meaning not very long ago, ok! :) ).

When she was still a kid, she used to live in, what was considered as, a town, in my home country. That was a town, coz it was very much developed compared to other villages in the country. During those times, going abroad, taking the plane was a BIG thing. Believe it or not, if someone would take the plane to go to, say, UK, there would be a whole bus which will accompany that guy to the airport. That was like an excursion, and almost everybody, who knows the person – friends, neighbours, relatives,...- would go to the airport to bid the guy farewell. In fact, going to the airport itself was a major event.

Now, when the guy is abroad, he would communicate with his parents/friends/relatives back at home only thru letters. You could expect 1 letter a month. (Forget about phone call. That was way too expensive.) Now, when the letter would reach the hometown, that letter would become the highlight of the week. The letter would circulate among parents, friends, relatives, neighbours. Everybody would fight for their timeslot to get hold of the letter, coz everybody wants to know what’s happening in the other world.

Well, that was back then.
Then came the modern times. In the modern times, phone became more affordable. I am a child of the modern times. So, for this one, I’ve got direct experience. I remember the days when my cousin would make a long distance call all the way from sweden to the hometown. My cousin calling back home was a big event. So whenever he’ll call home, everybody will be very excited about it, and during the short time that he calls back everybod, who happens to be around, will get notified about it, and you’ll soon get a group of people lining up for their chance to talk over the phone. I still remember myself, waiting impatiently for my turn to talk over the phone. And when my turn did come, a typical conversation would go like this:

[Cousin] how r u doing?
[Me] I’m doing good. howz life down there?
[Cousin] things are pretty good down here? hope u’re being a good boy.
[Me] Yes I am!
[Cousin] Are you studying well?
[Me] Yes I am!
[XXX] Hi there, how r u?!

XXX here could be anyone who was on the queue just after me, and who could wait anymore for his/her turn to come, and so just snatched the phone from me.

Besides being a bit angry at XXX, I would be satisfied with the conversation. Coz after all, I spoke to my cousin from overseas! Man! that’s great, isn’t it!

So, after the modern times, came the … well… modern times. The times when I went overseas to study. This time around, whenever I had to communicate with my parents, I would do so thru something even more ingenious than phone – Email!

Email is indeed a damn revolution. You send an email now, the other party recieves it now itself! No need to wait for a letter once a month anymore! Then about the same time came chatting thru IRC, MSN, yahoo, etc…

Then came voice chat over internet! That saved me over costly phone bills.

Then almost immediately after that, SMS became popular!
And so now, whenever my mum feels like talking to me, she’ll drop me an SMS, which I’ll get in no time, and to which I could be replying in no time (in reality, sometimes I take up to 24h to reply). Then after the SMS we’ll setup a phone conversation over Skype. And that’s it!

Well, all of this was just the narration of what went on during the past 20-30 years.
Now, think about it.
Over thirty years, communication across borders (in the lifestyle of the common people of my hometown) changed from letters, to phone, to email, to chat, to calls over internet, to SMS, to … whatever is to come.
30 years…
30 years it took, for such drastic changes to come about in my mum’s life.
30 years in the life of my grandma’s life, didn’t bring about such drastic changes. Of course, things evolved during her lifetime. But the rate of growth was nowhere comparred to what’s going on now.
Just consider this tremendous growth we’re going thru….

Now let’s step back and let’s look at the bigger picture:

The earth is estimated to be 4.55 billion years old. Our earliest relatives, the Australopithecines, came on earth some 3.5 million years ago. Now more recently, man (ie, the kind of people we see everyday), started asking questions about the world some 6 thousand years ago. Man started to look at the stars and started asking questions about the world. Answers came. The Greek philosophers answered some of those questions some 2 thousand years ago. One of the great Greek philosophers, Aristotle, in his theory On the Heavens, showed that the earth was round.
Some 500 hundred years ago, other people like Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler gave more accurate physical description of our world. More advances were made around 300 years ago by people like Newton.
Less than 50 years back, the first man walked on the moon.
Internet became popular less than 10 years ago. Today you are shopping online. 10 years ago were you?
Today, my sister watches TV back in my country and calls me up, all worried, to ask me whether I’m fine. Yes, I’m fine, I say. Wassup, I ask. Oh I just heard about the tsunami hitting the region near you, so that’s why I was worried, she says. Oh what Tsunami?, I ask.
Today, we watch TV and know what going on on the other side of the world.
The world is growing tremendously. The pace has accelerated vastly during the past few hundred years.
Within 20-30 years, of her lifetime, my mum saw the change from postal mail, to e-mail…

To give you a pictorial view of what I’m talking about:

Just notice how the lines squeezes to the end…
This makes me wonder:
what’s next?

Wise words from Van Damme [1]
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4974 days ago

Here’s some wise words from Jean-Claude Van Damme – great fighter!

Being Drunk! [13]
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4977 days ago

i decided to blog on something today!
well well
i decided to blog on why is it that peobple like to be drunk!
i, myself, am drunk right now. well not that dead drunk. but still, drunk (btw, when someone’s drunk, he/she never sees that he/she is drunk. so if i say i’m drunk right now, it must me that i’m not THAT drunk. (is it? or is that just an excuse :P ) )

so how is it to be drunk
y do so many ppl like to be drunk
i’m gonna talk by experience
waht im living thru, and wat i saw my friends go thru


when someone’s drunk, it’s like everything’s is possible. u can do WATEVER you want
u can shoiut ,and nobody’s gonna give a damn
u can run on the street like a kid, and, in ur world, nobody’s gonna care. and even if they do. well well well…. u don’t give a shit. coz it’s ur world after all. u do what YOU want to do!
and u do just htat!
what u want to do!

SO , for some ppl, this comes as, doing something that prevoiusly u wouldn’t dare to do!
in fact, when u’;re drunk. u don’t think of consequences. u just say and do what’s in u’re heart. and u just do it.
and that’s y u feel good abt it. coz u’re doing the thing that u want to do!
and i’d say that’s y ppl like to get drunk!
that’s y in many cultures, getting drunk, is such deeply engrossed in the culture.
so, when someone’s drunk, they’ll then say to their friends how much they appreciate them, or how much they hate them. they’ll just say what’s in their heart – wherein comes the sahying: “when someone’s drunk, he’ll spill out the truth”

and ppl feel good about this.
about saying wat they want to say
about doing wat they want to do

coz when u get drunk, u’re in ur own world. and the world is urs. do u care aoubt wat’s around you? hell not!
u just do wat u want to do

just like me. under normal circumstances, would i write abt something like this?
well…. maybe not.

but, i’m doing it now.
would i regret abt it? yes. maybe.

b ut i just wanted to blog this out – to talk about being drunk
coz there’s something which hits me here

y is it that ppl have to get drunk to feel that they can do wat they want to do
when u’er drunk, the world is urs . u do wat u want to do
and u don’t give a shit

and once u;jre “conscious” agian, well well, there’s all these stuffs which comes about.
oh, u can say this. coz if u say this, this and that’s gonna happen
or if u do this, this and that’s gonna happen

so, ppl prefer to get drunk

to do, say, things taht they want to do

– well maybe not evereybody, coz some are GROUPIES! they’ll get drunk, coz their friends are drinking. so they’ll drink as WELL! :)


when u’re drunk u FEEL RELAXED!

well well
wat a great escapism?
is their any stats as to how many ppl like to get drunk?
coz that number’s gonna give a hint as to how many ppl have to rely on FALSE ways of escapism.
on ways of doing, saying things that they want to do/say

to conclude

HAPPY DRINKING to all of you
enjoy ur life

u’re life of living like a jerk when u’re conscious – not doing/saying the things that you wnat to do/say. and getting drunk so as to do/say the things taht you nwat to do/say.

that’s wat life is all about, rite? :D
enjoy the FAKE world mates :D

sarcastically yours!

i better get some sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep now. gotta work tml :D

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4979 days ago

Here’s a cool software which I recently discovered: Konfabulator .
Konfabulator is the kind of software which you can customise to make it whatever you want it to be.
In their own words:
Konfabulator is a JavaScript runtime engine for Windows and Mac OS X that lets you run little files called Widgets that can do pretty much whatever you want them to. Widgets can be alarm clocks, calculators, can tell you your WiFi signal strength, will fetch the latest stock quotes for your preferred symbols, and even give your current local weather.

When (or if) you install konfabulator, grab your bonus widget here.

AssUMe [2]
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5011 days ago

Just learnt something very profound today! Here it goes:
To assume is not such a good thing after all

Coz assume is all about Ass U Me

Giving oneself Body and Soul
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5066 days ago

I started reading The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, today. In his preface, Paulo talks about the time when he decided to devote himself to the study of alchemy:
So when I learned of the possibility of finding a liquid that could prolong my life by many years, I decided to dedicate myself, body and soul, to making it.

To dedicate oneself Body and Soul… how many of us do that? How many of us can do that?

Once you find the thing that you really want in life, can you give up everything else and give yourself Body and Soul to that?

Now the question is, do you know what you really want in life?
Is your current career path what you are really after in your life?
Is your current field of studies what you really want?
Is your current life what you really want?

Now once you find out what you really want – or should I say, if you ever find out – would you be able to recreate your life and work towards what you really want?
Are you able to take a new birth?

In the snap of a finger
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5071 days ago

My very first blog on this very last day of 2004!

This year went by just like a snap for me.
But looking back, this year has also been a very long year, full of events. Lots of things happened.
There were moments when time seemed to have stopped.
There were moments of pain which wouldn’t seem to end.
There were moments which seemed to take an eternity.

While I live my life, eternity is indeed what I live.

But looking back, this year has just been a snap.
Looking back, my life has just been a snap.

Next year, the same thought will come to my mind – that the year was just a snap.
In 10 years’ time, same thing…
On the day I die, I’ll have the same thought. And at that point in time, my whole life would have been just a snap.

A snap of a finger – that’s what it’s all about, after all.

Happy New Year!

I’m gonna get really drunk tonight =)