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The Power to Regenerate [2]
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4826 days ago

Scientists have created modified mice which are capable of regenerating and healing damaged vital organs, allowing them to recover from severe injuries that would otherwise have killed or permanently disabled them.

“We have experimented with amputating or damaging several different organs, such as the heart, toes, tail and ears, and just watched them regrow,” said Prof Heber-Katz… Interestingly though, the only organ that could not regenerate was the brain… This MAY mean two things: either the brain does not have the power to regenerate itself (owing to the fact that it’s too complex maybe(?)), meaning all the other organs have “self-regenerating capabilities” OR the brain itself is responsible for and is making possible the regeneration of the other organs, thereby making its self-regeneration impossible…

After all, there must be something responsible for “all this”...

Think and be [4]
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4846 days ago

If you don’t believe in God,
be nice.

If you believe in God,
think and be nice.

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4847 days ago

Fellow Mauritian Stephane Buckland reached the 200 metres final at the athletics championships! He runs tonight at 23 00 (Mauritian time) in lane 7. Well, I think it’s the third time he runs a world championship final, but sadly he never won a medal.. I hope this time he does!! GO GO GO!! Wouhouuuu!!

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4850 days ago

Life is undoubtedly a paradox.*
But nothing in life is without doubt.*

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4870 days ago

What you become depends on where you are. “Why were some cultures able to conquer others? Why do some populations barely scrape by when others have more loot than closet space? Is it genetics? Work ethic? Plain dumb luck?” The answer according to Jared Diamond is GEOGRAPHY » Interview on Wired News

Mauriciens, Mauriciennes [2]
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4887 days ago

Fellow Mauritian countryman/countrywoman: Tomorrow, Sunday 3 July 2005, go do your duty: Vote!

long sleep no time [1]
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4904 days ago

.:|~ wake up donnie ~|:.

do you know the story?
let rest
leave bathe
feed face
sweet grace

{ZOMBEE} [4]
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4933 days ago

Thought zombies existed only in movies? Think
How cool is
that? =D Well I dont mean "cool" cool, but u know what I mean…

Who, how and how many [3]
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4935 days ago

No, this post is not one about orgies and group sex =) I recently bumped into several interesting articles discussing website team sizes, constitution and organisation. Very relevant to us, the Allies, (with all of us being in different time zones) and probably relevant to other several thousands of little “organisations” like ours throughout the world. It makes no doubt that today, the Internet has made possible a new kind of workplace: the workplace without a (centralised) fixed (physical) place. Members of the team may be in different places/countries and still communicate and work together (and be efficient). The articles also had another reccurrent theme: the size. There is indeed a tendency (or a will/need) to keep it small. “Start small and stay small. You can have an impact with just a few people. You can build great products with a small team,” says Jason Fried from 37signals, who just released Basecamp and Backpack. 37signals (the google of the web app domain?) is made up of “2.5 full timers” (in the words of Fried), the .5 being 7 time zones away from the other 2. These “democratic” and “free” little organisations of people popping up makes evident the will to be flexible, to keep away from corporate rules and restrictions, from the constraints of traditional workplaces, and to be (or to look) “artisanal” and “home-made / -brewed”, genuine, unique, true, simple. It seems like these groups are in-between the open source community and the big corporates. Free, flexible and open (in the organisational sense), but not completely, and still with the idea of making money in mind.

The products released by 37signals also make it clear that if the Internet has made decentralisation of the team and distant cooperation possible, it has created the need for something else: the centralisation of information, access to the same information by the different members, wherever they are, tracking and monitoring of the project, coherent, efficient and easy exchange of information between the members, etc. etc. Indeed, if there is no need for a centralised fixed physical place anymore, there is now a crucial need for a centralised fixed virtual place for the management of information.

Check out the articles/posts/reviews (will probably write more about these themes and issues soon):
Web 2.0 Review: Don’t forget there’s another kind of scaling
The Ideal Web Team
The Ideal Web Team (parts 1 and 2)
The Building of Basecamp – Review
Ideal web team size?

And also, of course, check out the very interesting Basecamp and Backpack.

.:winter remembrance:.
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4936 days ago

I’ve been feeling weird lately. Nostalgic and melancholic. I
couldn’t really know why and in fact, didnt really bother about it. But
i suddenly realised why and it revived some strong souvenirs: I just
realised that it’s my first winter in mauritius after 4 years…

is and has always been very particular to me. I feel that winter makes
my spirit more sensitive, my senses more acute, more receptive to
atmospheres. Winter and its coldness accentuate and reinforce the
feelings and emotions of the moment. They help to hit the mood so hard
into my brain, that 4 years later, I can still feel them just like i
did at the time. I feel them very vividly and strongly, but yet find
them so hard to describe (In fact I believe they are impossible to
describe exactly by words, i.e. it’s impossible for me to make you feel
exactly what i feel, by describing the feelings to you by the use of
words. Look into the theory of ‘Qualia’ for some very very interesting
ideas about that!). But anyway, i will still text my thought. The point
is not in making you feel the exact feeling, but simply in making me

4 years ago, that brings me straight back to my last
high school year. 4 years back brings me souvenirs like late afternoon
tuitions in curepipe (an excessively cold town); waiting under the
veranda of a wooden shop in the shadow of a yellow street lamp; late,
long and cold journeys by bus with a sharp rain and a dull and heavy
weather. It’s around 6 and 6.45 pm. Day is over, but it’s not really
quite night. Yet. That time of the day, especially in winter, is so
particular. It’s magical. Rich, freezing and intense. Light is
enormously lazy and heavy; sounds are muffled; things and people are
grey; shapes merge and blend; light itself is grey on the outside,
white on the inside. And for the apotheosis, thin, sharp drops of rain
pierce into my eyes to mix everything up into a thick dull greyish
paste with some yellow highlights. The atmosphere is gloomy, mournful,
melancholic, silent, hectic, tense, deaf. Perfect for your sould to
detach. Actually, my spirit is away, my soul loose, I can hear ‘battle’
now (by Blur, from their album ‘13’) and see myself getting on a bus,
walking down to the beloved back seats, with rows of wet black ghosts
on both sides, staring at me. Mud is everywhere. Everywhere is mud.
Blood is in the air. Ais has the taste of blood. I remember sitting at
the foot of a wall, shivering and smoking. I remember fears. I remember
being hurt. I remember tears. I remember a guitar and a strong wind.
But I cant remember the tunes. Only an elusive melody. I remember
concert rehearsals at school, after class hours. Happy jammings,
escapisms into a closed hall, "l’ouverture et l’epanouissement au monde
a travers la fermeture et le repli de soi sur la musique." i remember
very clearly.

Welcome, winter 2005. Welcome back and welcome to all the things you bring with you.