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Business Planning [3]
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4889 days ago

About two months ago, I went to a universtiy party. Then a guy bumped into me and asked whether he can take a pic of me and my friend and that he is helping to promote the party. And he gave me this website where I can go see those pictures. Sounds interesting, but dammit it’s been 2 months now and counting, and the pictures are still not up…

Few days after the party I’ve got this plan.
1. Few digital camera
2. Construct a website
2. One or two buddies who likes the plan
3. Go to party every week

1. Go to party and tell people that you are trying to promote parties in sydney
2. Take pictures of the club floor plan
3. Take pictures of the people
4. Give them the website address
5. Post the pictures on time

How to make profit:
1. Thumbnails of picture posted
2. Restricted size picture available to free membership
3. Members list acquired
4. Fullsize pictures available at $1 each
5. Once website becomes popular, advertising fee can be charged

Personal advantages:
1. Pretext to meet up with those hot chicks haha
2. Maybe will get free entrance from clubs for advertisement
3. Nothing to lose

Future considerations:
1. Make it a general entertainment site
2. Include dining place etc.. Just add onto it, the list is inexhaustible.

Now what?
Do you guys think the plan is viable?