Averagely young multimedia/interactive designer interested in maybe too many things. Focus kid, focus... Wants to find the perfect balance between rationality and irrationality, emotions and logic, complexity and simplicity, sanity and insanity, art and design. Humanist and agnostically inclined.

Haven't really thought about that one yet. Maybe, that I can open up tightly, VERY tightly closed lids.

Been thinking a bit too much with my mind lately. Let go dude, let go... Likes classical music... Manages time badly. Underestimates the power of mosquitoes.

The complexity of words and the mind. The beauty of life, its little things, and their simplicity. Calm peaceful hot moon-lit nights. Solitude. With friends. Melancholy. Sadness. Cold cofee. Heavy noisy hot summer-rain. Light sharp stinging cold winter-rain. Weird inspiring thought-provoking complexly intricate movies. Simple touching and warm movies. Positive sides of fucking shit situations. Emotional flashbacks. Backward narratives. Insomnia. Suffocating, broken and messed up beats of trip hop and electronic(a) music mixed with spell-bounding, soothing and calm organic and inorganic soundscapes that envelop my ears and tranpose my mind. Raging and fierce electric guitar riffs.
Myself sometimes, when parts of my body get numb and excessively painful. Ants on my laptop's screen and under its keys. The total, unconditional, extremist and blind belief and conviction in the existence of supernatural beings and powers. Religious and non-religious wars/conflicts. Racism.