Philosophic Allies is a web log about 4 friends who now live in different countries. Being geographically distant, they created this small place on the World Wide Web to share their ideas, thoughts and stories. This web log is the place where they gather their thoughts; where they explore and expose their minds, where they interact.

The structure of this web log is very simple. Here's what you need to know: On the front page, there are 4 columns, each one owned by an ally. Postings are referred to as Thoughts. When thoughts are written down, they appear in their respective columns. In addition to this, everything is color-coded. Pretty straightforward huh? When thoughts accumulate, they are stored in their respective ally's archive, which can be browsed in a variety of ways or searched at any time.

We designed the whole thing to be simple, usable and standard compliant.(XHTML, CSS, RSS)

Although the allies' core knowledge lies in the fields of web development & design, interactive design, software engineering and computer science, their Thoughts are not restricted to any specific theme or topic. The thoughts are from wherever their minds and curiosity wander. Sometimes they go deep and hard. Sometimes they go light, easy and shallow.

So expect wild fluctuations in terms of content and tone. In very broad terms, expect to find here: technological facts and news, programming observations and techniques, scientific questions and arguments, philosophical discussions and investigations, thoughts about life in general, science, etc. But don't take anything we say seriously; we ourselves don't.